Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Julie Paisley Photography Workshop - Charleston, South Carolina

 "If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got." -Albert Einstein

I most admit I was a little....okay a lot nervous for my first workshop. I had taken one workshop before Julie's. It was a local guy who had a groupon deal. I ended up crying in the bathroom after every other word was about  metering. I didn't know what metering was.  
I was over my head 
(this was before I taught myself manual from watching the crazy froknowsphoto guy at 3am).LOL I was scared to ask anyone else for advice! 

As soon as I meet Julie I knew something about this workshop was going to be different...okay alot of somethings!!! Julie was just as sweet and welcoming as her online persona! This ones got some great branding even her outfit reminded me of her online presence! As we walked into the hotel room Julie and Aubrey had gone above and beyond sweet perfectly color coordinated gifts were waiting for us! I even ran to the bathroom to instagram an adorable plastic mason jar with the cute paper straw (I had to do this in private cause I wasn't so sure the other girls would understand my instagram obsession) luckily for me they did! 

The first evening of shooting it was rainy booooo but not to worry Julie walked us though how to get some pretty amazing shoots of our stunning model Aubrey despite the yucky weather! We were all a bit bummed but Julie delivered some sound advice even without the sun =)

 The next morning we had a break in the weather yay! We finally got a chance to walk around and photograph my favorite city Charleston SC. Our subject was Bethany a local Charleston senior with a sweet laugh and beautiful smile. It was a blast walking around one of the most historic cities in America with this beautiful girl,great teacher and new friends! 

After a fabulous lunch at fleet landing we headed back to the hotel to start going over some tips on making it in this crazy photo world! It was so refreshing having Julie let us know about her highs and lows and how she got to where she is today!! It was so refreshing that Julie was willing to share her story and give us tips on how to succeed! I felt like she really cared about each of us and took the time to listen and answer all of our questions!
 I know that my decision to save up for this workshop was the right one!!! The packet Julie gave us has it's own little spot on my desk its like my new secrete weapon to achieving the business I always dreamed Jnelly Photography would be!That sounds suer cheesy but I don't care ;)

 DAY 2: 1st Session

Our last session with Julie was epic. Our couple was Natalie and Jantzen a newly wed couple. Our first order of business was how to tie a bow tie. After a failed trip to Brook's Brothers Aubrey and Becky figured it out from watching a youtube video! Way to go ladies...I was off looking at clothes to avoid the failing at that task!

As we walked down the quaint streets and allys towards Battery Park I was getting giddy! The rain was gone and in its place the SUN! I could hardly contain my owing and awing which can get out of hand during magical sessions =)

It was such a treat to see Julie light up and it made me happy to see someone in this world doing exactly what makes them happy. I mean how many people do you know that love their job?

 DAY 2: 3rd SESSION 
Super excited about the "light"

My roomie Kandi and I enjoyed hanging out with her very much! I loved our late night chats and listening to her accent =) Thanks so much for being awesome can't wait to shoot a wedding with you soon ;)

 Julie or paparazzi you decide =) 

 clovers........favorite.thing.ever. =)

 What an amazing 3 day journey! I learned more then I ever had hoped or expected from Julie. She is a wonderful women as well as teacher and I will always remember fondly on this opportunity! 

I also want to thank all the other workshop participants it was a pleasure meeting all of you!!! I learned a great deal from you all as well! It was reassuring that others had the same problems I am facing as a new business owner and photographer. I wish you all great success and hope our paths may cross again!! 

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  1. I love the beginning of this blog, I am pretty nervous too.. This will be my first workshop, and I am afraid my nervous will get the best of me and I will forget it all... UGH

    Thanks Stephanie

  2. Dont feel are not alone..I learned a lot from the crazy fro knows photo guy too at three am when insomnia has kicked in!

  3. Love it!! Looks like you learned so much!!!

  4. Ashley WorthingtonMay 21, 2013 at 2:29 PM

    I loved seeing the variety of poses, lighting, locations, and themes from Julie's workshop. Jnelly is an extremely talented photographer, and it is apparent by the work done during the three days that Julie's advice complicated her style beautifully! It is so refreshing to hear about a supportive group of women in the same line of business coming together to learn and teach in such a positive atmosphere.

    1. Ashley WorthingtonMay 21, 2013 at 2:37 PM

      Whoops - it is apparent that Julie's advice complemented Jnelly's style beautifully! Nothing complicated here. :-) Darn autocorrect.

  5. Oh my gosh this looks amazing. LOVING the locations where you shot. really liked the shots of the last couple in the field/trees .

  6. I've been a fan of yours for a long time and now I'm in love with JNELLY Photography even more! I can tell how much you enjoyed this experience, and the images really captured that. Fabulous job and I can't wait to see what else is to come. CONGRATS!

  7. Gorgeous photos, Jnelly!! I'm so glad you were able to attend the workshop. I'm already a huge fan of your photography (and you as a person) and am proud of you pushing yourself to take your business to the next level.