Thursday, September 26, 2013

Livak Family Session. Stapleton Colorado.

Congratulations David and Erin. It was my pleasure meeting and photographing Charley and your other fur babies.

Hogan Family Session: Belmar Park

I had the privilege of capturing the images of  Brian and Kate's wedding and was thrilled to photograph their ADORABLE daughter in Colorado this summer! She is just the cutest, sweetest baby and was a joy to photograph! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Colorado you are perfect. Trip to Grand lake and Rocky Mountain National Park

 Hope you all enjoy a personal post from my trip to Grand Lake Colorado this summer. I had a wonderful time hanging out with my mommy,two aunts, and one uncle Ed. 

Stunning wild daisy field we stopping at in Granby. We spent ALOT of time there! I know now that my mom and I are dangerous together when it comes to taking photos....just one more we shouted to a very patient Auntie Gert. 
 Home sweet home for my Aunt and Uncle for a couple of weeks in the summer! The cabin "Riverbend" at Shadowcliff is so peaceful and homey. I enjoyed the sound of the North Inlet Stream we well as the abundant wildlife! Which included horses, humming birds, deer and my friend the chipmunk (don't be mad at me layna but I gave him a peanut to get a photo) 

 Day tour of Grand Lake Lodge.

 Beautiful horses near the cabin. How to get a horse to come to you when you are a city slicker..throw mini carrots at them =). I was kinda freaked out feeding them but my mom showed me the way! 

 As we entered Rocky Mountain National Park we told the park ranger "We are here to shoot the animals"..with our cameras of course. Wildlife we saw included Elk, deer and moose!!!! I had never taken a great photo of a moose so I was really REALLY excited to see a mommy and baby crossing the road! 
 We all know that Colorful Colorado sunsets are prettier then any other state.