Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DIY Gold leaf crown for stylized shoot

You can pay hundreds of dollars to pay for a real gold wreath or you can fake it with this super easy DIY for under $25 dollars.

It’s the perfect dash of gold for a beautiful young lady to wear for my stylized shoot this week. Its part Roman, part angel and all beautiful.

You will need: wire thin enough to shape easily to the head, wire cutters, greenery leaves, gold spray paint, floral tape, mod podge, glitter, paintbrush glue gun and decorative ribbon.

Step 1: Measure the wire against your model and cut it to the right length, leaving about 3 extra inches.
Step 2: Form the wire into a circle and wrap the extra inches around to secure it.
Step 3: Wrap the leaves into 1/2 segments.
Step 4: Spray paint your leaves at least 4 hours before you intend on making the crown.
Step 5: Mix mod podge and glitter together in a cup
Step 6: Paint mixture onto edges of leaves
Step 7: Cut circle and hot glue ribbon to ends
Step:8 Your all done tie around head and finish with a sweet bow in the back

Materials were purchased at Michaels.

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